Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Croaker’s Spot

39 River St
Petersburg, VA 23803

            The much anticipated Croaker’s Spot finally opened in Downtown Petersburg a couple of month ago.

Located on a cobblestone street, Croaker’s Spot is situated on the bottom floor of a newly renovated apartment building. Inside, it is dark, rustic, and beautiful. Just about everything is wood with old timey decorations and pictures on the walls that truly appreciates and utilizes Petersburg’s rich heritage and history.

Because it is usually packed to the rafters (for good reason), we went for an early dinner on a Wednesday.  As we walked in, we were warmly greeted and quickly seated.  Our waitress showed up immediately to take a drink orders. As we awaited our drinks, we browsed the expansive menu. While I am usually leery of a large menu, Croaker’s Spot’s menu stayed focused on southern soul food with an emphasis on seafood. Everything on the menu sounded amazing, from the seafood chili and oyster po’ boy to the crab cakes and fried fish but I stuck to my favorite dish in the whole world, Shrimp and Grits.

            It was not long after we ordered that our very generous portions of food arrived all served with a brick of corn bread.  My shrimp and grits were delicious, large plump shrimp on top of ranch grits and topped in a creamy sauce. The flavors blended perfectly and the sweet but not too sweet corn bread brought the meal full circle. Amanda’s fried fish with peppers and their secret sauce was also delicious and perfectly cooked. The peppers and sauce added a flavor that I’ve never experienced with fried fish and it was awesome.
            Croaker’s Spot is now unarguably the best restaurant in Downtown Petersburg and it will hopefully be a game changer for Petersburg. Bringing people into the city and revitalizing the once magnificent Cockade City.  The food is impeccable, probably the best in the Tri-Cities area, the prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is great.
            I strongly recommend checking out Croaker’s Spot and actually all of the other restaurants in Petersburg. From Italian and Greek to Soul Food and Barbecue, Petersburg now has something for everyone.

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