Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hillbilly Red’s

353 E Williamsburg Rd 
Sandston, VA 23150

            Hillbilly Red’s is in Sandston, a couple of miles from the Richmond International Airport. Located right in the middle of town, Hillbilly Red’s is in a large, impressive building that looks just like a person would picture a BBQ restaurant looking like, wood, bricks and rustic. As I walked inside last Monday I was warmly greeted by the owner. Inside is just like the outside, exactly what one would come expect from a BBQ place; lots of wood, pigs and country decor. While not the most original it definitely sets the mood and is far from over the top or gaudy. It looks a lot like a Famous Dave’s Restaurant but by the warm greeting I received and the great conversation that accompanied it I knew I was not in some big chain restaurant but a well executed family run local spot. 

            For being a local operation, Hillbilly Red’s is quite large with lots of seating.  You order at the cash register when you walk in and then take your seat or at least that’s what the owner told me to do, but I was the only person in the place so it may be different if there are a lot of people.  The menu was not huge but it contained everything that one looks for at a BBQ restaurant; Ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken and all of the usual sides. While not cheap the prices were comparable to just about any other BBQ restaurant in the area.  I ordered the Deluxe BBQ combo for $8.95. It came with a deluxe pork bbq sandwich, cole slaw on the side, fries and a drink.  She asked me what type of bbq sauce I wanted because they have three types; sweet tomato based, hot tomato based and a vinegary NC style. I picked the sweet one. 

            While her husband prepared my order I had a nice conversation with the owner. Her and her husband were both very nice and welcoming and are true BBQ lovers, knowing just about every BBQ restaurant in Central Virginia.  In no time my order was ready.  I had it to go and the bag seemed to weigh 2 pounds. As I pulled the sandwich out in my car I found out why; the sandwich was huge! There was also a large helping of fries and three containers BBQ sauces, ketchup and cole slaw. I quickly topped the sandwich with a heaping amount of cole slaw and bbq and was soon in heaven.  The pork was extremely tender and juicy and you could definitely taste the smokiness, which often is not the case. This pork was perfectly smoked, noticeable but not overpowering. The sandwich was amazing. The sauce was sweet and tangy and the cole slaw was sweet and creamy.  It really was one of the best pull pork sandwiches I’ve had in a while and it was big enough for two meals.  The fries were fine but the sandwich was so big and so delicious I barely touched them.

            Hillbilly Red’s is one of the better BBQ places in Richmond; so please do yourself a favor the next time you’re up near the Richmond Airport and stop in a grab a bite at Hillbilly Red’s . But remember they close at 7:30pm and don’t open on Sunday!

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