Thursday, August 30, 2012

P&T Kitchen

10837 Hull Street Road 
Midlothian, VA 23112

                A small red sign on Hull Street that simply read “BBQ” brought me to P&T Kitchen.  Located in an extremely rundown strip mall; P&T kitchen cranks out homemade BBQ, Ribs and other southern favorites from an old Chinese restaurant. Most people would drive by the place and never see it; others will see it and never dare venture inside but a very select few of us will take the risk and try out this dinky little place and laugh at the others over the hidden gem we have found. I’m not saying that P&T is the greatest BBQ restaurant around, even though everything they have states that bold claim, nor am I saying that the food is even really all that great, I’m just saying for its location and how it looks it has some pretty good food for reasonable prices.

I went for lunch a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to find that there was a decent amount of people eating there.  Inside the place is a little crappy, it really is in an old Chinese restaurant. The seats are torn and everything looks a little dingy but I did not come for the décor, I came for the BBQ.  The lady behind the counter was extremely friendly and quick to answer a question. I ordered the Lunch rib place which came with three large ribs and a side; I chose mac and cheese, for $8.  As I sat down to wait for my food I tasted their different BBQ sauces, a NC style vinegar sauce and a NC style tomato based sauce. I don’t really care for vinegar sauces but the tomato based one was excellent.

 In no time I had my food in front of me.  The ribs were thick cut and loaded with meat and covered in a tangy sweet BBQ sauce, different than the first two I had tasted.  The meat had a nice smoky quality to them and the meat was extremely tender and fell off of the bone.  The mac and cheese was phenomenal, homemade and cheesy and creamy.  Together the two flavors danced wonderfully together on my taste buds. For being such a dinky place the food was very good. As weird as this sounds but only complaint is that the ribs actually had too much BBQ sauce on them, they were practically swinging in it.  It’s not that the sauce was bad it was actually very good; it’s just that it hid some of the flavor of the meat.

If you’re ever on Hull Street and have a hankering for BBQ you should stop and grab at bite at P&T Kitchen. It will not blow your mind like some of the other BBQ joints that I’ve reviewed but it does have good food served by good people.

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