Thursday, August 30, 2012

Carr Brothers Gathering Place

3100 Jackson Farm Road 
Hopewell, VA 23860

            I have never felt more unwelcome and like a stranger than when I walked into Carr Brothers with my little brother on a cold a rainy night a couple of weeks ago.  As soon as we stepped through the door, every head in the placed turned to give a disapproving stare as if saying “who the hell are you and why the hell are you in my restaurant?” We quickly walked past the bar full of evil glares and made our way across the dark restaurant and took a seat in the far corner.

            Not too long after we sat down, our waiter, the owner, came over to give us menus and take our drink orders.  The menu is not very large but everything sounded good with reasonable prices and there is always a special of the day. Alex ordered the large steak with two sides for $17. I just ordered the special of the day which was a roast beef sandwich with cheese, onions and au jus for $6.  While we waited for our food was talked about life and had a chance to look around the place. It was extremely dark but the walls were covered from floor to ceiling with old sports pictures and posters. There were about 5 football teams that dominated the décor one of which was the Hopewell Blue Devils.  In one corner of the restaurant was an off track betting area with 3 TVs showing horse races.  Everything is Carr Brothers is old and dingy to the extreme. It looks like a TGI Friday’s built in 1960 and never renovated or redecorated.

            After about 20 minutes we had our food, unfortunately for Alex they had run out of T-bones but they have him a huge porterhouse instead.  Even though everything else about the place screamed stay away the food was warm and inviting and very good.  My sandwich was huge and chock full of meat. I was very impressed with it especially considering where it came from. Alex said that his steak was good but a little undercooked.  The sketchiest part of the whole place was that they do not take cards but conveniently have an ATM machine next to the bar.  This pissed me off a bit but I’m not going to lie, it is genius.

            There really is not too much in Hopewell so one cannot be too picky about where to eat. If Car Brothers did not have a “get the hell out of here” atmosphere it might be the most popular restaurant in Hopewell but it does so it scares everyone off. If you are willing to brave the evil glances of regulars and the owner you will get a good meal for a decent price at Carr Brothers, you’ll just feel uncomfortable while eating it.

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