Saturday, June 16, 2012

Prince George Family Barbecue

4605 County Dr. Disputanta, VA

As many of you probably know I am a BBQ fanatic. I like it, I love it, I can’t get enough of it. In my BBQ extravaganza I did a very brief review of PG BBQ. Last weekend after going to the dump I had the opportunity to check it out ago so that I could give it a proper review. My opinion of the place may have changed since last time.
Last weekend Amanda’s parents came over to help us clean out the basement and the garage. After loading the trailer with junk and hauling it to the dump we stopped at Prince George Family Barbecue to grab lunch. It is a quaint little place on 460 in the heart of New Bohemia (if you don’t know, you ain’t from Prince George). Inside it is a little tacky with a lot of different signs on the walls, pigs everywhere, and a bunch of locally drawn painting for sell; so your typical BBQ joint.  The menu is simple, BBQ, Ribs, chicken, burgers and a few random mostly southern items.
I chose the pork BBQ griddle melt sandwich combo.  It is a grilled sandwich with minced pork BBQ with bacon, jack cheese and grilled onions served with fries and a drink for $7.99. The menu said no substitutions and it meant NO substitutions. This put me off a little because I wanted onion rings not fries but by the time I got my sandwich I had stopped being upset.  I ordered sweet tea as my drink and good lord I got some super sweet tea. This stuff gave McDonald’s tea a run for its money but unlike McDonalds it still tasted like tea not sugar water.
It was not too long until we received our food. My sandwich looked awesome. Perfectly grilled and loaded with meat, cheese and onions and it actually tasted as good as it looked.   If the BBQ would have been a little better it might would have been the best BBQ sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  The flavors all melded together perfectly. Topped with some BBQ, also not my favorite it was a little more vinegary than I like, it was great.  The fries were a real non-event I could have lived without them, they seemed to be more of a filler than anything else.  But goodness, the BBQ griddle melt, while separately its parts would have been lackluster but put together, was awesome.  The sandwich is not very big but it packs a huge delicious punch. I highly recommend checking it out.
I tried Amanda’s hush puppies and they were also out of this world.  Hang made and fried they had bits of onions and green peppers inside them and tasted great.  The trip was not without its downside though. Amanda’s father, don, ordered a burger and had to return it and get a BBQ sandwich because it tasted so odd. I tried a bite and it tasted like it was mixed with breakfast sausage meat. It was not terrible just weird.
I defiantely recommend checking out Prince George Family BBQ. Its minced pork may not be the greatest but its BBQ griddle melt is amazing and for under $15 I bet its Wednesday night all you can eat ribs is also a great deal, but I can't swear by that because I haven’t tried it out, YET.

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