Monday, June 25, 2012

Pizza Hut’s P’zolo


     Stupid name, smart concept. Pizza Hut is taking on Subway and trying to move up the cheap lunch pecking order with its new P’zolo. Basically a small stromboli, p’zolos are a new inexpensive lunch option at $3 for one and $5 for two. They come in three different flavors; buffalo chicken, Italian steak and meat trio each served with your choice of either ranch or marinara sauce for dipping.
                For lunch I tried an Italian steak and a buffalo chicken p’zolo.  It takes approximately 14 minutes to make and cook. I was told this by the person working at Pizza Hut. They came out hot and fresh. They were about 7 to 8 inches long and topped with a little bit of melted cheese. The dough was crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside.  The p’zolos were not a stuffed with fillings as I would have hoped but what was inside tasted very good. The Italian steak was thin slices of cheese steak style steak inside along with green peppers and onions and of course mozzarella cheese. The buffalo chick had chunks of chicken inside covered in a very mild buffalo sauce and cheese.
                Over all both of them were quite tasty, freshly prepared and at the perfect price point. I think that the p’zolo will do a decent job and picking up lunch sales for Pizza Hut the only thing that may limit their success is that there are only 3 flavors compared to Subway’s numerous different options. While not as “healthy” as some of Subway’s subs, it defiantly tasted healthier than a $5 cheeseburger combo.  The p’zolo falls into the same category as most other 5 dollar lunches; it is filling and tastes pretty good. It was by no means amazing nor was it inedible. It does not knock out its competitors but it does add a new option for people trying to grab a fast, cheap bite for lunch.

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