Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quiznos’ Lobster and Seafood Salad Sub

        I love lobster rolls! They are probably one of my favorite foods, but because they are extremely expensive I do not get to eat them very often. Sometimes I do make my own at home using artificial lobster meat, mayo, old bay, lemon juice and Hawaiian bread with great results but they do not touch a real lobster roll.  Subway has a nasty seafood sub that I wouldn’t even feed my dog (to be honest though I do really spoil my dog and only give him the best of the best).  Last year, Panera Bread came out with one that I tried and liked but it was an astounding $17!  Recently Quiznos has been advertising a new Lobster and Seafood Salad sub that at least looks very appetizing. I believe that Quiznos has the best subs of any chain restaurant.  They pack on a lot of fresh, juicy meat and all of their subs are toasted to perfection so I figured that this sub would be no different but might crazy expensive like the one at Panera’s.  To my delight the Lobster and Seafood Salad sub was only $6.50 the same price as most of the other subs but this also made me leery, thinking that it might be just like Subway’s seafood sub.
                The sub came on a toasted roll and I added lettuce, tomatoes and a squirt of lemon juice. There was not a huge amount of meat on the sub compared to the others but it was a decent amount.  I really appreciate Quizno’s honesty in advertising because it was definitely a seafood salad with bits of lobster in it. That being said it did have a nice seafood flavor to it and was not overly mayonnaisy.  The lettuce and tomatoes added bulk that made the sub substantially better. The size of fresh lemon on the sub really brought all of the flavors together into one cohesive unit.  Overall the sub was Ok for the price. It knocks the pants off of Subways but doesn’t touch mine or Panera’s.  I will more than likely not order it again because Quizno’s has much better subs and because I really do not eat at chain places often. But if you are craving a quick seafood fix it is a much better deal than the seafood sub at Subway or any of those nasty fish sandwiches that are being sold at every other fast food restaurant.

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